Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Animals, animals, and more animals

These days, our house seems to buzz with animals (maybe bark or meow would be more appropriate). We have two dogs (Gus and Molly, though Gus isn't ours, he just lives with us, go figure), two cats (Max and Sebastian--we had to have Sam put to sleep in December), and, a couple of weeks ago, we added Rhino the hamster (thank you to the movie Bolt).

I love that the boys are surrounded by animals. Jake and I are both huge animal lovers, and we want to impart that on our kids. I just wish the house were bigger to accomodate all the animals (and all the fur).

In honor of the newest member of the family (Rhino) I thought I would post some recent pics of the animals...

This is Matthew's cat Sebastian (this picture is when he was but an itty-bitty kitty)

This is Sebastian now (he is an absolutely beautiful cat, and about the sweetest and most loveable that we have ever met!)

This is Sebastian when he isn't being his best (this is a bread basket, on the KITCHEN COUNTER--thank goodness the bread is gone!)

This is Andrew trying his best to convince Sebastian that his crib is a good place for both of them to sleep. Sebastian has yet to be convinced.

This is the newest addition to the Scott Family; Rhino (aka Matthew's hamster). I'm not sure how many animals we'll end up with once Andrew figures out he can ask for an animal too...

Rhino LOVES running in his wheel. But somehow (I know, I should have known) I didn't realize that hamsters are nocturnal.

And, just in case there aren't enough animals inside, we (Matthew, Andrew, Mommy and Sebastian--who didn't quite make the picture) spend our time watching (and feeding) the squirrels on the deck.


nicole said...

What a cute post!! We're big time animal lovers too. I can't believe how gorgeous your cat Sebastian is! Wow... those eyes!

noell said...

Matthew is a spitting image of you Sarah! I can't believe it! You know, I have to laugh at all of your animals! Remember how many I had at one time? Dogs, cats, birds, fish...sheesh. How did I do it? Sounds like a full house, for sure!