Monday, December 1, 2008

Ramen, Ramen and More Ramen

Despite our best efforts, Andrew is a picky eater. He eats fruits, meats and not much else. He will sometimes eat crackers, but never pasta or bread. So, imagine our surprise when we discovered that he LOVES top ramen. It is not the most nutritious food that he could eat, but we were pleased that he is branching out. We tried other long stringy noodles, which he puts in his mouth and promptly spits out and then hands us his plate and says "done".

Obviously, table manners will be the next thing we work on :)


lizybizybody said...

Obviously he has learned his table manners from his aunt. :) Too cute!!!

The Verkerk Family... said...

I'll tell you again I swear I see a bit of Addi in him!

noell said...

That's funny! Olivia only eats crackers, bananas and anything with cheese. We started giving her V8 Fusion juice so she'd at least get more fruits and some veggies. Oh, she LOVES know, refried beans. It's hilarious!